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A Tinnitus Podcat Interview with Expert Julian Cowan Hill

Mastering Tinnitus: A Deep Dive with Julian Cowan Hill 

Welcome to the Outring Tinnitus Podcast, hosted by Frieder, where we delve deep into the world of tinnitus. We have the privilege of conversing with Julian Cowan Hill, a distinguished figure in the realm of tinnitus management. With over 23 years of experience in cranial psychotherapy, tinnitus counseling, and a personal triumph over his own tinnitus. Julian sheds light on his remarkable journey and shares insights into his unique methods for finding relief and healing.

The Journey to Silence and Healing

A warm welcome from Frieder as he introduces Julian Cowan Hill, a renowned tinnitus expert from the UK. Julian has dedicated over two decades to understanding and alleviating the challenges posed by tinnitus. He offers cranial psychotherapy and tinnitus counseling, combining both physical and psychological approaches to help individuals manage their tinnitus.

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The Discovery of Tinnitus:

Julian Cowan Hill shares his personal journey with tinnitus, recounting how it all began at the age of 16. He initially struggled to pinpoint the source of the intrusive noise, believing it was external. It took time before he realized that the noise was, in fact, originating from within his own head. Julian’s realization triggered shock, leading him to seek medical guidance.

Seeking Relief and Facing Challenges:

Julian’s journey was marked by years of persistent tinnitus, which gradually led to a point where it began significantly affecting both his professional and personal life. However, a remarkable turning point emerged when Julian discovered cranial psychotherapy—a holistic approach that enabled him to undergo a transformative shift in his tinnitus perception. He vividly recalls his first session, during which he felt a palpable release of tension from his body and a notable alteration in the sound of his tinnitus. Julian’s firsthand experience poignantly illustrates the profound impact that hands-on therapy can wield in effectively calming the agitated nervous system.

The Path to Recovery and Empowerment:

Inspired by his personal transformation, Julian pursued training as a cranial psychotherapist and embarked on a mission to help others struggling with tinnitus. Over time, he refined his approach, combining cranial therapy with psychotherapy techniques to address both the physical and mental aspects of tinnitus. Julian’s journey culminated in 20 years of tinnitus-free living, solidifying his belief in the possibility of healing.”

Empowering Others Through Knowledge Sharing:

Recognizing the prevalence of negative information on the internet surrounding tinnitus, Julian took it upon himself to counteract this trend. He began sharing his knowledge on YouTube, creating an extensive library of videos that offered guidance, support, and practical techniques for tinnitus management. Julian’s videos have resonated with individuals worldwide, providing them with hope and a sense of empowerment in their own tinnitus journeys.

The Quieten App To address the need for a positive and nurturing online space, Julian developed the Quieten app. This app serves as a sanctuary, providing valuable information, talks, techniques, and a supportive community for those seeking relief from tinnitus-related distress. By offering a safe and constructive environment, Julian aims to counteract the negativity that often proliferates on the internet.

The Mind-Body Connection:

Julian emphasizes the interconnectedness of the mind and body in the context of tinnitus management. He highlights the importance of understanding tinnitus as a feedback mechanism, indicating an upregulated and hypersensitive state in the nervous system. By shifting focus, calming the nervous system, and incorporating practices like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, individuals can effectively reduce the impact of tinnitus.

Parting Words of Wisdom:

A Real Tinnitus Cure

Julian’s transformative journey and commitment to helping others are a testament to the power of holistic approaches in tinnitus management. His fusion of cranial psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic techniques, and mind-body practices offers a comprehensive toolkit for those seeking relief. Julian’s story is an inspiring reminder that tinnitus is not an insurmountable obstacle but a challenge that can be navigated with the right guidance, mindset, and support.

Understanding Tinnitus: 

Tinnitus, often described as a persistent ringing or buzzing sound in the ears, affects millions of people worldwide. In a continuation of our insightful conversation with Julian Cowan Hill, a renowned tinnitus therapist, and author, we delve further into the complexities of tinnitus, its treatment, and the power of understanding and accepting this condition.

In this installment, Julian Cowan Hill emphasizes the significance of establishing a sense of safety and calmness as an essential step toward managing tinnitus. He sheds light on the role of the brain, the body’s auditory system, and the mind’s relationship with tinnitus. Through his comprehensive approach, Julian empowers individuals to shift their focus and ultimately regain control over their tinnitus.

The Importance of Feeling Safe:

Julian emphasizes that feeling safe is crucial in managing tinnitus. He introduces the concept of “Boat Meditation,” a simple yet powerful technique that helps individuals connect with their inner stillness. By focusing on the midline of the body, one can experience a sense of calm and safety, redirecting attention away from the tinnitus noise.

Tinnitus and Brain’s Role:

Contrary to the belief that tinnitus is solely a result of damaged hair cells, Julian dispels the myth that tinnitus is irreversible. He explains that tinnitus is a feedback loop, indicating sensitivity to certain sounds or situations. Julian describes how the brain can amplify tinnitus as an overcompensation mechanism. However, through acceptance and focusing on calmness, the brain can learn to switch off the hyper-vigilance associated with tinnitus.

Julian likens the brain’s ability to tune out certain sounds to the experience of falling asleep in front of the television. Despite loud noises, the brain deems them unimportant because it perceives a safe environment. Julian emphasizes that achieving a state of calm and focusing on the present moment can enable individuals to switch off their tinnitus and reduce its impact.

Embracing Calmness and Focus:

Julian emphasizes the importance of cultivating calmness and focus to improve hearing. He highlights the relationship between a calm state of mind and enhanced hearing clarity. When the brain is in a fight-or-flight mode, hearing becomes scattered and less focused. Calming the mind allows the auditory system to function optimally.

Julian shares a collection of positive feedback and stories from individuals who have successfully improved their tinnitus through his approach. These stories serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for those on a journey to manage their tinnitus.

The Message of Stillness:

Julian’s overarching message revolves around the concept of stillness, a profound reminder that the world around us is immersed in a constant state of tranquility waiting to be tapped into. By forging a connection with this intrinsic stillness, individuals can discover solace and resilience as they confront the challenges posed by tinnitus. For those eager to delve deeper into Julian Cowan Hill’s work, his book “Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend” serves as a comprehensive guide, providing further insights and actionable advice for navigating the tinnitus journey. Additionally, his app “Quieten” equips individuals with valuable tools and exercises to facilitate relief and inner peace amidst tinnitus-related trials.

Remember, the path toward tinnitus relief begins by nurturing a sense of tranquility and embracing the intrinsic power of stillness.

Stay tuned for more enlightening dialogues and revelations surrounding tinnitus and overall well-being.

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