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7-Day Tinnitus Habituation Challenge

In today’s discussion, we delve into the possibility of leading a fulfilling life despite living with tinnitus. Dr. Guy Meadows shares valuable insights and introduces our 7-Day Tinnitus Habituation Challenge. This unique challenge, born out of his personal journey with tinnitus, aims to guide you towards habituating to your tinnitus and reclaiming your life.

Day 1: Unveiling the Challenge

Discover the foundation of the 7-Day challenge and gain access to a wealth of resources, building on Dr. Meadows’ expertise and his book, ‘Accepting the Unacceptable.’

Day 2: Understanding Your Tinnitus

Learn to identify and understand the elements of your tinnitus experience that trigger distress. By recognizing these triggers, you pave the way for mindful awareness and emotional control.

Day 3: Behavioral Tools for Habituation

Explore powerful tools rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Understand how consistent practice can reshape your relationship with tinnitus over time.

Day 4: Integrating Strategies into Daily Life

Focus on integrating the practical strategies gained from the challenge into your daily routine. Personalize these strategies to align with your journey by joining our online community.

Day 6: Building Resilience

Delve into resilience-building exercises to fortify your journey toward habituation. Learn practical methods to implement and sustain positive changes.

Day 7: Reflecting on Progress

Celebrate the conclusion of our 7-Day Tinnitus Habituation Challenge by reflecting on your progress. Take a significant step forward in your habituation journey alongside our supportive community.

This challenge is designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to shift your perception of tinnitus and regain control. Join our online community at for a personalized experience and continued support on your habituation journey. 


Hi, I am Frieder from Berlin, Germany. Having lived with severe Tinnitus and a hearing aid for over ten years, I now share my experience around living a good life despite Tinnitus. Offering coaching and advice is my personal passion.

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