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Welcome to the Podcast and Youtube space. You’ll find tips & tricks on how to better manage your life with tinnitus. Towards full habituation where tinnitus stops bothering you.

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Welcome everybody to the “Outring Tinnitus” Blog & Podcast.

 On these pages you will find useful information on how you can tackle the biggest obstacles that come with suffering from tinnitus. Whether you struggle to sleep soundly at night, or to focus and get work done during the day. Within the podcast, I interview tinnitus scientists as to the latest research but also share my personal learnings from my own life with tinnitus. Hopefully the goodies that have helped me during the time my tinnitus bothered me the most, can serve you as well.

My personal story with tinnitus began when I was about nineteen years old.  One morning, I noticed this high pitch ringing in my “good ear”. Being born deaf on one ear, I always knew what it meant to have some trouble hearing. With single sided deafness you have to focus more on what people say, the teachers in school invited me to sit in the front left side of the classroom, and my directional hearing has always been so bad, my mother had to tell me the exact room she was in (in a 4 bedroom apartment) as I was unable to tell where she would be calling from.

So then this morning, I was already living alone, I noticed the sound. That was my first experience with Tinnitus. You can read the whole story in the blogpost below.

It has been over ten years since that morning, and my tinnitus is much more severe in intensity than it used to. Having traveled far in these ten years and working in different industries, my understanding of the human sense of hearing but also the big issues that tinnitus causes have let me to open my personal tinnitus coaching practice.

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After working in law and business consulting as well as the hearing testing and sound processing environment, I know how much difficulties people with Tinnitus can encounter in their daily lives. I wish someone had been there for me to coach and guide me when I needed it the most. So now, here I am, ready to coach and guide you. To extend a hand to you towards a life with tinnitus without suffering.

Living a happier, more balanced, and mindful life with Tinnitus

I hope that the tips and tricks on this blog can help you change the way you view your Tinnitus and it’s role in your life for you to be able to live a happier, more balanced, and mindful life. If you suffer from Tinnitus for the first time and haven’t seen a doctor yet, please consult one. Tinnitus is almost always not dangerous at all, however please make sure that you have spoken to a physician about your Tinnitus.

Well please enjoy the blog & podcast and if you need anything please send me an email to



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Please note: The Tips and Tricks I share are very individual. This blog lists some of the most effective strategies I have found, that enable people to live better. However, as Tinnitus is such an individual condition and we all suffer from it for different reasons, some of the strategies might not work for you. I am more than happy to help you and to develop your individual game plan for overcoming the suffering together with you. Just contact me or book a 30min free “getting to know” coaching session. Thank you all for being here and I sincerely wish you all the best1