Find Peace from Tinnitus: Your journey begins here

This ultimate book to tinnitus takes you through an eight weeks journey that equips you with science based tools and mindset needed to completely transform your tinnitus. Shift from bothersome to non-bothersome tinnitus and live your life again.

Your tinnitus won’t stand a chance!

A Unique Journey to Tinnitus Habituation - A place where tinnitus stops bothering you

Understanding Your Journey


Shifting Your Mindset


Triggers and Coping Mechanisms


Accepting the Noise


Building a Positive Relationship


Copying Strategies and Resilience


The Power of Community


Stay on Track


Gain deep insights to tinnitus and its impact on your daily life.

A comprehensive guide to changing the way your brain and emotional system responds to tinnitus. As you read you’ll embark on your path to habituation. This transformative journey is designed to equip you with strategies, insights, and a positive mindset to completely relieve you of the negative emotions and difficulty that come with tinnitus.

Author's Bio

The Author behind “Accepting The Unaccepteable”

Hi, my name is Frieder. My personal experience extends beyond tinnitus, as I was born deaf in one ear and have had tinnitus and a hearing aid in my remaining ear for 15 years. Over the past five years, I have worked with 500+ people in personal 1on1 Tinnitus Coaching sessions and created an online Tinnitus course program as well.

Drawing from these personal experiences and my work, I wrote “Accepting the Unacceptable.” The book offers practical strategies and everything I have found most useful for those looking to manage tinnitus to the extent that it stops being bothersome. My approach is direct and relatable, aiming to help you to live your best life despite Tinnitus.

Enjoy the Book!

Are you ready to embark on this transformative path?

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  • Format: Ebook (PDF)
  • Length: Approx. 150 pages
  • Author: Frieder Kuhne
  • Language: English

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