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We have spent years working with 500+ people to create a science-based approach to putting tinnitus where it belongs: 

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Our program is science-backed and tested, combining two types of bulletproof therapies so you can finally be free from the incessant noise of Tinnitus.
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Hi, I am Frieder the founder of this program. I was born deaf in one ear and experience severe tinnitus (plus wearing a hearing aid) in the remaining ear for the past fourteen years.

Since 2019, I started this coaching business, called Outring Tinnitus. In 2022 we founded MyTinnitus.Club – offering science-backed video courses and coaching programs which allow people from all over the wordl to live a life free of the worries of tinnitus.
But please access our free guide to better understand tinnitus before beginning your very own journey of transformation today!

I cannot wait to hear how successful you will be 🙂

Frieder Kühne

Here’s a short 2 year old video about the guide 😉 Enjoy!

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