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six things to help you with tinnitus:

Fixing the mindset

Our continious online coaching call sessions allow us to individually support you to overcome repetitive thinking. For an upgraded mindset.

Improve your wellbeing

Through CBT and personal experience, our Tinnitus coaching allows you to live a life free of the issues that come with the T.

Learning about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an extremely individual yet scientifically complex condition. We set you up with all you need to know.

Building resilience

We know it's tough to deal with Tinnitus. But with the our guidance you will build the resilience you need for a better life despite T.

Upgrade your Life

Once you have discovered how to minmise the burden of tinnitus, other changes in life will come automatically. Guaranteed!

Great ongoing support

We are here for you. Even after the end of our coaching, we offer ongoing support for up to six months.

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“When I first developed tinnitus about 8 months ago I was going through an absolute panic state and I wasn’t sure if I will ever come out of it.

I couldn’t see a way forward and experiencing tinnitus made me feel extremely alone. It wasn’t until I ran across Frieder when I started to emerge from this tinnitus despair that I felt. No one will ever understand what’s it’s like have tinnitus unless they have experience it.

Having tinnitus himself, Frieder made me feel like everything was going to be okay, despite how stressed I was by all these shrieking noises in my head.
He made me understand that I’m having an emotional reaction to the tinnitus and how to combat my anxiety.

During our sessions he helped me identify the areas of my life that are most affected by T, like my sleep and concentration. He gave me various techniques on how to cope and always checked in on me to see if those coping strategies worked, and altered them accordingly.

Through this journey, I can honestly say that no one helped me as much as Frieder did. He was a huge part of my support system and I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort he put into helping me. He genuinely wants to help T sufferers and I strongly recommend reaching out for him for help.”

“The coaching has been the best thing that I’ve done since I developed tinnitus 7 months ago.

For more than three months, I was unable to sleep. But following all the advice that Frieder gave me, I was able to sleep again normally. He also helped me decrease my anxiety and depresion linked to tinnitus.

I feel much better now. I’ve also learned a lot of coping strategies as well as the best way to protect my ears from further damage. Although I hear my Tinnitus, it doesn’t have the same impact on me as before.

Now I can say that I’m on my way to be the same person I was.”

“Frieders Coaching has helped me so much. I realized that my tinnitus is not dangerous, but that my reaction to it is what is causing the biggest problem.

His coaching program is very professionally structured and can really produce fantastic results within just two weeks. He really knows cognitive behavioural therapy, which has very much influenced me to be able to perceive my tinnitus in a different way and not to disturb me anymore. I sleep better, can concentrate again and what is most important to me: I can enjoy my daily life again.

Thank you for your help! I wish you all the best :)”

“When I first got hit with tinnitus I was pretty down for a few weeks. The resources online seem to have a hopeless flavour. But then I found Frieder. I now feel I have someone in my corner I can talk with.  One who understands what I’m going through because of his own experience. His positive outlook and practical guidance have helped me to get back on track with learning how to cope with tinnitus. I’m grateful for his work, his understanding and his desire to help people in holistic and positive way. I would recommend reaching our to Frieder if you’re struggling. Tinnitus is hard but we don’t have to suffer alone or suffer at all for that matter. Make the choice and reach out. Thank you Frieder!”

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