Online Tinnitus Coaching - Find & live your best life despite tinnitus

I specialize in helping people live their best life despite tinnitus. With more than ten years of tinnitus myself and a training in cognitive behavioural therapy, I know what my clients need to overcome the biggest obstacles in a life with tinnitus.

Frieder Kühne,
Founder Outring Tinnitus
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The steps of my tinnitus treatment

Online Tinnitus Guidance

Our continious online coaching video call sessions allow us to individually support you to overcome repetitive thinking. For an upgraded mindset.

Tinnitus & CBT

Through CBT and personal experience, my Tinnitus coaching allows you to overcome the obstacles of a life with T, tackling your problems individually.

A Personal approach

Tinnitus is an extremely individual yet scientifically complex condition. We set you up with all you need to know, and give you a lasting set of tools to feel better.

Continous sessions

Committing to a coaching program will help you to set a goal for a better life and our guidance allows you to build the resilience you need.

About the coaching

Tinnitus is as individual as are the people who suffer from it. There is no such thing as one path for all, and while there are promising new technologies out there, they don’t do the trick for everyone. CBT has shown to have a large positive effect on people suffering from tinnitus. Changing your perspective doesn’t come easy, but I guarantee you it’s worth it. It is my personal passion to help individuals all over the world to cope and live better despite tinnitus.

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What my clients say

I'm grateful for his work, his understanding and his desire to help people in holistic and positive way. I would recommend reaching our to Frieder if you're struggling. Tinnitus is hard but we don't have to suffer alone or suffer at all for that matter. Make the choice and reach out. Thank you Frieder!"
Brian Doane
Through this journey, I can honestly say that no one helped me as much as Frieder did. He was a huge part of my support system and I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort he put into helping me. I strongly recommend reaching out for him for help."
Martina Koeva
"The coaching has been the best thing that I’ve done since I developed tinnitus 7 months ago. For more than three months, I was unable to sleep. But following all the advice that Frieder gave me, I was able to sleep again normally. He also helped me decrease my anxiety and depresion linked to tinnitus."
Manal Kabil
"Frieders Coaching has helped me so much. I realized that my tinnitus is not dangerous, but that my reaction to it is what is causing the biggest problem. His coaching program is very professionally structured and can really produce fantastic results within just two weeks."
Carl Fuller

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