Online Tinnitus Coaching - Find & live your best life despite Tinnitus

I help people with tinnitus to break the vicious cylce of suffering, towards better sleep, more concentration and a more balanced life.

Frieder Kühne,
Founder Outring Tinnitus

What my clients say

The steps of my tinnitus treatment

How does it work?

- Coaching Sessions conducted via online video calls

- Individually tailored programs that are based on continous evaluation
of tinnitus burden

What's the method?

- My coaching methods are based on my personal ten year experience with severe tinnitus and coginitve behavioural therapy, one of the most effective tools for successful tinnitus management.

Why Me?

Tinnitus is an extremely individual yet scientifically complex condition. We set you up with all you need to know, and give you a lasting set of tools to feel better in future.

Continous sessions

Committing to a coaching program will help you to set goals for a better life and our guidance allows you to build the resilience you need & to follow through.

About the coaching

Tinnitus is as individual as are the people who suffer from it. There is no such thing as one path for all, and while there are promising new technologies out there, they don’t do the trick for everyone. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has shown to have a large positive effect on people suffering from tinnitus. Changing your perspective doesn’t come easy, but I guarantee you it’s worth it. It is my personal passion to help individuals all over the world to cope and build a better life despite tinnitus.

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