Online habituation coaching:

This way to your best life despite Tinnitus

My online tinnitus habituation program was developed working with hundreds of people with tinnitus worldwide. Based on my personal experience as well as scientifically proven tools, my program offers a unique combination of strategic protocols that induce long-lasting change in intensity and loudness of your tinnitus.

Fasttrack your habituation, and start your individual transformation today.

My Habituation Coaching Services

Online Tinnitus Club Membership

€ 14


4 Weeks Tinnitus Group Coaching

€ 249

For 4 Group Coaching Sessions

4 - 8 Weeks Individual Tinnitus Coaching

€ 399*

For 4 Sessions


What We Do


Video Coaching

All our coaching services are provided online and through video coaching sessions. As soon as you have applied and are approved to our program, you will get a link to select the coaching session at your desired time.

Individual Support

Our program is as individual as tinnitus itself. We focus on all the areas that are negatively impacted by tinnitus and improve them one by one. We create individual material tailored to YOU. Apply to the program and get your individual tinnitus action plan.

Neuroplasticity & Tinnitus

You have been stuck in a bad place because of tinnitus for a while already? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Within our coaching program, we ask the right questions so you can come back to an enjoyable life and wire your brain towards happiness.

We work with you to design the lifestyle you've always dreamed of

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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