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Podcast Episode 28 – Glenn Schweitzer

Glenn Schweitzer


Dear Tinnitus Family,

During this captivating episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Glenn Schweitzer, a renowned tinnitus coach from Rewiring Tinnitus. Like myself, Glenn is a self-made tinnitus coach, and has been instrumental in transforming the lives of hundreds of people around the world who are struggling with tinnitus.

Our conversation was truly enlightening as we shared our personal journeys and how we both transitioned into becoming professional tinnitus coaches. We discussed the various strategies and techniques we have developed to help our clients regain control of their lives and find relief from the debilitating symptoms of tinnitus.

Glenn’s contribution to the field of tinnitus treatment is remarkable, having authored the highly acclaimed book, “Rewiring Tinnitus,” which has garnered hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. His expertise and experience have earned him a reputation as a leading authority in the field of tinnitus treatment.

I encourage you to visit Glenn’s website at, where you can learn more about his groundbreaking approach to tinnitus treatment, and how he can help you achieve a better quality of life despite the challenges of tinnitus.





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