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Managing Tinnitus Spikes

Tinnitus Spikes & Fluctuations

Managing Tinnitus Spikes-Tinnitus Spikes can be mean. We all know them. Some of them only last a few seconds to minutes, others stay with us for days, weeks, months, or even years. I surely have had my personal fair share of moments where tinnitus spikes. All the more so when you have hearing difficulties as well, a tinnitus spike can be quite uncomfortable, as a louder pitch tinnitus will automatically lead you to hear less of your environment.

The Importance of Response to Tinnitus Spikes

Over the years however, I have come to understand that it’s not so much about evaluating every little aspect of your diet, your sleep wake cycle or else, but how you respond to the spike. Whether you are anxious, or calmly weathering the (roaring) storm, will often decide whether the tinnitus (spike) get’s locked in in your subconscious, or whether you’re able to concentrate on other things and maybe sometimes the spike naturally goes back to baseline without you even noticing it.

In the following video, I created some short tips & tricks on you might want to approach a tinnitus spike, so as to get the best chances of it not disturbing your sleep, productivity and social life.

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My personal story begins with being born deaf on one ear and having suffered from Tinnitus and a high pitch deafness with hearing aid on my “good” ear for over a decade already.
Since 2019, I coach people with a strategic and science based principles (I.e. CBT and ACT) on how to live a good life even with tinnitus, which is entirely possible.
To that end I also founded the community, where I have already published more than 25 videos that exclusively and in-depth explain how my program works.

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The work I provide for people with tinnitus is a combination based on the assumption that tinnitus is as individual as the people who suffer from it. No single and uniform guru solution can work for all of us. Therefore, it needs an individual and holistic approach in tackling your most prominent issues i.e. such as sleeping better, being more focused or winning your happiness back in life.

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