My Personal Tinnitus Journey

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Habituation

My Personal Tinnitus Journey

Understanding My Tinnitus Journey and How I Became a Tinnitus Coach

In this video, I will share my personal story and journey with tinnitus. Having lived with tinnitus for nearly 15 years, I want to provide insights into my struggles and explain why I became a tinnitus coach. Join me as I discuss how I overcame challenges and learned to habituate to my tinnitus.

About Me:

Hello, I’m Frida, and I am turning 33 years old this year. I currently reside in Berlin, Germany. Since birth, I have had one non-functioning ear, which led to the discovery that I had a hearing impairment. Throughout my teenage years, frequenting loud clubs and exposing myself to loud music took a toll on my remaining functioning ear. At 19, I woke up one morning with a faint ringing in my right ear, and now, 15 years later, I experience high-pitched tinnitus alongside my hearing aid.

My Journey with Tinnitus:

Initially, my tinnitus didn’t bother me much as I only heard it at night or in quiet environments. However, a few years later, attending a loud event without taking proper care of my hearing worsened my condition. It was only when I started using a hearing aid that my situation improved slightly. Writing my bachelor’s thesis became a significant turning point in my tinnitus journey, where I faced the challenge of rehabilitating and habituating to my tinnitus, which had become progressively louder.

Discovering the Power of Habituation:

Motivated by my personal experiences, a few years later, I started a YouTube channel with the intention of creating ASMR videos for people with tinnitus. Although life’s demands delayed my progress initially, I eventually delved deeper into the idea. As an interested coach, I developed my own coaching program based on cognitive behavioral therapy and, more importantly, acceptance and commitment therapy. These approaches helped individuals reframe their relationship with tinnitus, facilitating habituation.

The Value of Strategic Habituation:

Recognizing the need for a strategic process in habituation, I dedicated myself to understanding the obstacles and learning to re-relate to tinnitus. While I personally habituated to my tinnitus out of chance, I realized the pain and despair many others endure due to their tinnitus. Therefore, I started working with hundreds of individuals worldwide, building a community centered around tinnitus support and habituation.

Embracing the Possibility of Habituation:

Despite my ongoing tinnitus and the reminder it provides through my hearing aid, I am completely habituated to its presence. My personal journey, though unique in terms of hearing loss, encompasses the stages many individuals encounter when dealing with tinnitus. From initial visits to the ENT to feelings of guilt and shame, I understand the challenges that arise.

Believing in Your Ability to Habituate:

I firmly believe that anyone with a brain and a human capacity can habituate to tinnitus. Through my work with countless individuals, I have witnessed their progress and eventual habituation. You are on your own unique trajectory, and while challenges may arise, remember that you have the power to overcome them. Don’t let discouraging voices convince you otherwise.

Feel free to explore my free guide to tinnitus, schedule a discovery call with me, or join our community for a two-week trial. Remember, I am here to support you on your path to habituating to tinnitus. I’m Frida, your personal tinnitus habituation coach, wishing you a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned for next week’s


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