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Tinnitus Advice from a non-Guru

Why a lot of  Guru help is hocus pocus –

Tinnitus Advice from a non-Guru

And what is scientifically proven to help instead


What do you do when you suffer from Tinnitus? Sure, most of us open the browser and Google: Tinnitus help, or Tinnitus remedies. Most of the time, when you scroll through the results, especially on YouTube, you will find many people promising a treatment method or a magic pill to cure or relieve Tinnitus. (I have tried the famous Reddit Tinnitus cure myself and it lowers my T by about 30secs. before back to normal).

In my ten years of suffering from Tinnitus, I have tried a lot: Fasting programs, strenuous exercising, gingko giloba pills, Vitamin D pills, and many more pills ;D sound notch therapies, cutting out sugar, dairy, salt whatever you name it -etc. The problem with tinnitus is that as the research is unfortunately still shallow on an actual cure, many players enter the realm of tinnitus remedies and promise a form of relief that simply is not scientifically evaluated. And while there might be beneficial effects, even if only based on placebo effects, for most of us who suffer from tinnitus they will not do the trick. These people do not seem to care that ethically and morally it might not be okay to sell something to people in dire need for relief while only being interested in their own monetary interests.

Hence, if you can find it on the first pages of Google or YouTube, I have tried it. And has it helped?: NO, unfortunately not for me. But I am much better than at any other time now. How come you might ask?

Well, because I think overall it’s not about the one cure that’s supposed to help millions of different cases of tinnitus, but about how you approach suffering from the condition. Tinnitus is a very individual condition, and there can be no single cure for all of us (YET).

There are things we can control, however. In my opinion, the challenge of living with tinnitus is all about the mental hygiene you practice. If you can control the way you respond to your tinnitus, you have half your rent. So why is mental hygiene so important? Well, the biggest problem we have when it comes to tinnitus is not the tinnitus itself, as, in almost 99% of all cases of tinnitus, it’s not dangerous. (Disclaimer: Please visit a GP/ENT and make sure that your Tinnitus is not caused by an underlying condition).

Here is a video from my YouTube channel, where I explain why I believe that your mindset is so important.


So, if you are like me and you have tried so many different things, but non of them have helped you with your Tinnitus, chances are that in focusing desperately on trying to get rid of the noise and resolve your struggle, you might be wasting valuable time you could invest in actually getting better.

Actually getting better huh? Is probably what you think right now while you try not to leave me a comment on YouTube or other social media. Trust me I don’t blame you. I know how hard it is to negotiate living with Tinnitus and trying to get by. I have been getting comments myself that I supposedly had no idea what it is like to live with tinnitus and that I should not take advantage of people who are actually suffering, I just wonder why people would not even make an effort to inform themselves before putting in such accusations.

A scientific evaluation of the most renowned European tinnitus scientists has looked at all the different remedies and potential cures out there. It is also a practitioner guide supposed to help GPs and ENTs to make better treatment decisions when encountering people who suffer from tinnitus. Here is the link to the guide. The guide does of course not offer some magical cure, but rather a set of tools that you can use in order to live a positive and happy life in spite of the ringing, humming, hissing or whatever your tinnitus is to you. In my tinnitus coaching, this toolset consists of aspects of cognitive behavioral as well as acceptance and commitment therapy. The European researchers conclude that these two forms of active mental trainging have the best outlook on changing tinnitus-related suffering over a long-lasting time. The program I coach my clients with can be so potent that it allows you to tune out your tinnitus to a degree that you own your life again and that you step by step learn how to live a happy life with your tinnitus.

And of course, I am happy to share this toolset with you. I want you to get better. As many people as possible actually. Having gone through quite an odyssee myself and experimented with apps, medication, psychology and many more, I have developed a whole garage of toolsets that can be tailored individually to you. In the first coaching sessions, we usually evaluate what the biggest obstacles and challenges are that you are facing individually in your struggle with tinnitus. Then step by step, as taking baby steps one by one is part of the process as a whole, we develop your toolbox that help you to retrain your brain so you can live your best life despite tinnitus.

I am super happy to hear from you and if you like you can send me an email or book a free 15min introductory coaching session. For all other questions, you can always send me an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi, I am Frieder from Berlin, Germany. Having lived with severe Tinnitus and a hearing aid for over ten years, I now share my experience around living a good life despite Tinnitus. Offering coaching and advice is my personal passion.

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