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Outring Tinnitus Podcast ep 1- My Story with Tinnitus

 Living a Better Life Despite Tinnitus

Outring Tinnitus Podcast

My Story with Tinnitus

Outring Tinnitus Podcast EP 1: Welcome to the first episode of the Outring Tinnitus podcast, hosted by Frieder from Berlin. Join Frieder, the founder of Outring Tinnitus, as he shares his personal story with tinnitus and discusses his journey toward becoming a personal tinnitus coach. In this episode, he explores the challenges of living with tinnitus and offers insights on how to shift focus away from the condition to live a fulfilling life. Discover strategies, expert interviews, and scientific perspectives on tinnitus as Frieder aims to help individuals improve their quality of life despite the presence of tinnitus. Visit the Outring Tinnitus website for valuable resources and guidance.

Outring Tinnitus Podcast: Embrace a Better Life Amidst the Ringing

In this inaugural episode of the Outring Tinnitus podcast, I, Frieder, your host, invite you to embark on a journey toward a better life despite the constant presence of tinnitus. Join me as I share my personal experience with tinnitus and explain why I became a personal tinnitus coach. Together, we will explore strategies and techniques to redirect our attention away from tinnitus, allowing us to focus on the things that truly matter in our lives. Whether it’s family, hobbies, work, or pursuing our passions, we can reclaim control over our lives and minimize the impact of tinnitus. So, welcome to the Outring Tinnitus podcast, where we will navigate the challenges of tinnitus and strive for a fulfilling and joyful existence.

My Story: A Journey with Tinnitus and Finding Purpose Outring Tinnitus Podcast

Since the age of 19, I have been living with tinnitus. Now approaching my 30s, I reflect on my 11-year journey with this condition and the obstacles I’ve encountered along the way. Born deaf in my left ear due to a prenatal infection, my hearing on my right side remained unaffected. However, during my teenage years, I often frequented clubs without considering the importance of hearing protection. It wasn’t until one morning, at the age of 19, that I woke up to a subtle high-pitched ringing that gradually worsened over time.

Seeking medical advice, I learned that I had experienced onset hearing loss and was at risk of chronic tinnitus. Feeling powerless and isolated, I realized none of my friends shared the same struggles. Determined to protect my ears, I started wearing hearing protection, which led to a form of hyperacusis and heightened sensitivity to certain sounds. Despite my efforts, my condition worsened over the years, ultimately affecting my studies, sleep, and overall well-being.

Overcoming Challenges: Strategies and Coping Mechanisms

Throughout my journey, I discovered various strategies to manage and cope with tinnitus. While I don’t claim to love or endorse tinnitus, I’ve developed a more neutral perspective toward it. One significant challenge many individuals face is the constant emotional and physiological response triggered by reminders of tinnitus. This heightened stress response can disrupt sleep, concentration, and overall quality of life. To address this, cognitive-behavioral therapy plays a vital role in reevaluating our perception of tinnitus and redirecting our attention to what truly matters.

Sharing Knowledge and Empowering Others

Having experienced the challenges of tinnitus firsthand, I understand the importance of support and guidance. Unfortunately, during my own struggles, I lacked someone to share my pain and provide strategies for overcoming difficulties. Therefore, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences through my tinnitus coaching business.

In addition to the podcast, I will conduct interviews with scientific experts in the field to shed light on current research and debunk misconceptions surrounding tinnitus. By raising awareness and promoting scientific perspectives, I aim to help individuals suffering from tinnitus find solace.

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Hi, I am Frieder from Berlin, Germany. Having lived with severe Tinnitus and a hearing aid for over ten years, I now share my experience around living a good life despite Tinnitus. Offering coaching and advice is my personal passion.

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