A Playlist for Tinnitus

A playlist that soothes your

Tinnitus and let’s you relax


A Playlist for Tinnitus

In this post I want to share with you my personally curated Tinnitus & Sleep playlist. I made this playlist for my Tinnitus coaching clients in order to help them sleep and relax better. I thought I might now share it with the public, in order to have all of you benefit from it 🙂 If you check out the different songs, I’m sure you will be able to find a song that is suitable to mask your individual tinnitus sound.

My approach to tinnitus is that whatever help you can get, you should take it. So here it goes, we have sounds for all different types of tinnitus, high-pitched tinnitus, low-pitched ones, changine ones etc. If you want to fall asleep to the sounds, I recommend you simply hit that +1 repeat button on your screen, and also possibly turn on the sleep timer in the settings.

A good help as well is that some of the sounds don’t come with fades, so you can loop them better, which will help not to distract you when the song is repeating.

Here is the direct link to the Spotify Playlist.


I hope that this playlist helps you to sleep and relax better. I have some more information on what I think can help you sleep better right here on my YouTube channel.

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