Do you feel like Tinnitus has taken your life away?

Are you frustrated nothing has been able to help?

We help people with tinnitus who know that there is no quick fix or guru solution, to retrain their brain so tinnitus goes to the background.

Through an approved and science-based tinnitus program that has successfully helped over 500+ people habituate.

Like fitness, but for your Tinnitus.

Hello, I'm Frieder, founder of this innovative approach to radically changing tinnitus. This is my story:

My own tinnitus journey started at birth. I was born deaf in my left ear. Over the years my remaining right ear got worse and developed severe tinnitus. I started wearing a hearing aid and struggled with T for a while. Those past moments of anxiety and struggling with tinnitus and hearing loss have deeply informed my understanding of tinnitus and the program.

Since 2019, I’ve worked and transformed the life of 500+ people. Drawing from these successful coaching experiences, I’ve crafted a specialized Tinnitus Habituation Framework based on behavioural approaches that retrain your brain’s perception of Tinnitus.

And how does it work you might ask? 

Well based on all my experience as a coach, I have learned that your obstacle is not tinnitus itself, but the way our brain reacts to it. Through our program we start changing this reaction completely, and ultimately, tinnitus fades into the background. Guaranteed. 

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Here's why our current members are so excited about the program:

"This is the best thing I have done for my T:"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can I expect to see the results of the program?
Often, people report feeling better the same day they join, you get access to so many ressources that you will immediately feel like you have more control over your response to tinnitus.
What if I don’t feel the program works for me?
We are so confident that the course will be a complete game changer for you, that we have a 80% better guarantee or we work for free as long as it takes!!!
Does the personal coaching include sessions with Frieder?
Yes, your personal coaching assessmennt sessions (coaching package) will be 2hour long video exclusive coaching call sessions with Frieder (on a monthly basis).  

What people say about us:

Habituation is possible. I was so scared and anxious for about 4 months, I researched all the good and the bad. I read that 95% of everyone with varying levels of tinnitus can habituate. I was convinced I would be the 5%. I am not, especially with Frieder’s help to keep my emotions in check. With an attitude change, and acceptance, I don’t hear it anymore, my brain totally ignores it….” – 


Matthew (USA)


Connecting with others and knowing they are going through the same as me – not alone. Frieder does an amazing job leading us. The amount of content available to help me in my journey to habituation is *****.” – 


Janelle (USA)


“Hi to the group and whole community. I have been part of this group for a while now and there is a world of difference from before! The angst and anxiety levels went way down very soon after joining. The continuing coaching and group coachings have been fantastic. After searching the internet (unfortunately) too much, this group is the most positive, helpful and safe place to be in. A place that gives hope to me and others here that we CAN habituate to tinnitus and live ‘our best lives’ (as Frieder always says). Thank you Frieder for all your help!” – 


Phyllis (Israel)


“Hello community. Another tinnitus win this week. 😎 today I realized that I was working and sitting in almost silence. (my bird sounds were very very low). I didn’t even realize my tinnitus until just now when I focused back to it while taking a break from my work. I’m very happy with this as it’s been a year since i’ve really been able to be OK with silence. It’s still there, but not bothering me – today anyway. 🤩🤩” – 


Petra (Canada)


“This community has helped me accept my Tinnitus and not feel so alone. No medical interventions available and a ‘just get on with it’ attitude from every angle did not help me habituate, but Frieder did and now I go about my daily life with it in the background not bothering me. Kudos to Frieder. 👌” – 


Sophia (Ireland)