The coaching: towards a better life despite Tinnitus

Our Tinnitus coaching services are based on cognitive behavioural therapy. It is one of the scientifically valid and tested methods that can induce lasting change in perceived intensity and loudness of your tinnitus. With over ten years of tinnitus and coaching people all over the globe, I have a set of tools that also allow YOU to live your best life despite tinnitus. Book a free session now!


What We Do

Video Coaching

All our coaching services are provided online and through video coaching sessions. As soon as you have a confirmed session, you will get a link to enter the coaching session at your desired time.

Individual Support

Our Coaching is as individual as tinnitus itself. We focus on all the areas that are negatively impacted by tinnitus and improve them one by one. We create individual material tailored to YOU. Get your individual tinnitus action plan.

Neuroplasticity & Tinnitus

You have been stuck in a bad place because of tinnitus for a while already? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Within our coaching program, we ask the right questions so you can come back to an enjoyable life and wire your brain towards happiness.

"I'm grateful for his work, his understanding and his desire to help people in a holistic and positive way. I would recommend reaching out to Frieder if you're struggling. Tinnitus is hard but we don't have to suffer alone or suffer at all for that matter. Make the choice and reach out. Thank you Frieder!"
Brian Doane


Tinnitus is an extremely individual condition. Many treatment methods only work for some tinnitus patients. Tinnitus Coaching works for all people equally.

  • Experience: Having lived with severe tinnitus, a hearing aid and single sided deafness for over ten years, I have gathered extensive knowledge around Tinnitus and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I worked in the field of hearing testing and audio enhancement.
  • Working together with someone experienced helps you to recognize that there is a life beyond the tinnitus. I share my knowledge so you don't have to go through all of it alone.
  • Coaching Experience: I have coached and been coached for many years. It's my personal passion to help and support people with tinnitus.

What You Get

If you chose me as your coach, don’t expect a Guru making miracles work. Living with tinnitus can be tough, I have been through all of it, but I will show you ways to a fulfilling life despite the tinnitus. 

  • The Most Individual Coaching: You get individual video conferencing coaching sessions with me behind the camera.
  • A plan to follow through: We develop your individual Tinnitus coaching plan for you to follow through. With this we identify your most recurring issues, and help you tackle them more efficiently.
  • Great Support: Join the outring tinnitus community and get support/share your story with other coachee's

We help you design the life you want.