Welcome to our Tinnitus Program

Here's what some of our Clients say:

“Frieder is one of the most genuine, encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable people I have met in the tinnitus community. It will be well worth your time to connect with Frieder if you are looking for positive ways to manage your tinnitus.”

“I’m a person who suffers from tinnitus and Frieder has become a personal friend. This is a person who is deaf in one ear and severe tinnitus in the other. He has….See more”

“The coaching has been the best thing that I’ve done since I developed tinnitus 7 months ago. For more than three months, I was unable to sleep. But following all the advice that Frieder gave me, I was able to sleep again normally. He also helped me decrease my anxiety and depresion linked to tinnitus.”

“I’m grateful for his work, his understanding and his desire to help people in holistic and positive way. I would recommend reaching our to Frieder if you’re struggling. Tinnitus is hard but we don’t have to suffer alone or suffer at all for that matter. Make the choice and reach out. Thank you Frieder!”

“Through this journey, I can honestly say that no one helped me as much as Frieder did. He was a huge part of my support system and I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort he put into helping me. I strongly recommend reaching out for him for help.”